Professional Photographs Matter

Effective marketing is in the presentation.

During my bachelor days, I used to shop at a now-defunct discount mega-market because of the affordable selection of meats an otherwise inept cook could grill. But no matter how tight the budget, there was no way I ever would touch the produce – bruised fruit, slightly wilted lettuce, mushrooms with the barest film – essentially, an utterly unappetizing selection no shopper would want to see.

What you want to see is something more akin to the photo at the right – bright colors, matched fruits and vegetables, and arrangement which not only stops a buyer for all the right reasons but causes them to purchase what you have for sale.

Seriously, can you not taste the lemons and oranges as you look at them?

Selling a home is no different. In which kitchen would you really want to spend your time making that perfect dinner?

Lighting matters. Angles matter. Avoiding the ambient light from outside matters. Losing the fish-eye effect matters.

That’s why for all listings about $75,000 I hire a professional photographer to make sure your home looks as appetizing to buyers as you know it can be.

Produce photo credit: Bryen via Flickr Creative Commons