Should I Replace the Roof?

One of the biggest questions when a homeowner gets ready to list a home is what needs to be done or repaired before a home goes on the market. And one of the items most asked about is the roof, particularly if that roof is asphalt shingle.

If the roof is worn – if there’s hail damage left from two years ago, or if the texture has eroded after years in the sun and the elements – odds are the buyers’ home inspector is going to notice.

Whether a seller has to do anything depends in no small part on market conditions – in a strong sellers’ market, a homeowner can tell a buyer asking for any major repair to take a hike and then move on to the next buyer. But outside of those limited timeframes, and particularly in cases where an FHA or VA loan is involved, some decisions need to be made.

In Arizona, homes can have two layers of asphalt shingle – used to be three, but code since has been changed. So if a home has one worn layer of shingle at the moment, a homeowner can add that second layer for considerably less money than the cost of a full removal and installation. If there are two layers already, that’s a different story.

Some owners ask whether buyers care if the home’s already on its second asphalt shingle layer; the overwhelming answer is no, not as long as the roof is in good condition at the moment. Two-layer roofs are far too prevalent for buyers to be overly concerned about their existence.

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